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About Us

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Digital Valley Company

Digital Valley is the exclusive agent in Egypt for the original Starfire (GZ) printing machines manufactured by one of the world's largest technology companies (GongZheng).

It is one of the largest factories in China specialized in manufacturing printing machines of all types and sizes. It has obtained the ISO certificate twice in a row. It is one of the largest distributors in the Middle East and has agents all over the world.

(GongZheng) is distinguished by its high quality in manufacturing and accuracy in avoiding malfunctions, which guarantees the longevity of the machine for the longest possible period.

Digital Valley Corporation - 10 reasons why we are the best

Digital Valley is the sole and exclusive agent in Egypt for the factory while preserving the property rights. We have clients all over the Republic because we have experience in the field of printing for decades, which guarantees honesty and credibility. Among the most important things that distinguish us and make us a leader in this field:

The agency includes all types of printing machines of various sizes, at all stages of printing until the delivery of the final product, and this makes it easier for the customer to start an integrated project that is suitable for various small, medium and large projects.

We contribute to the payment facilities and provide various payment methods with the guarantee of the highest quality, the best price and the longest guarantee period.

Our company is unique in the presence of the best machines in terms of rigidity, weight, chassis strength, the strongest heater and the most powerful systems of high stability while maintaining the quality, accuracy and speed of printing, while using the highest borders in the American world (Starfire) and the Japanese (Epson), which guarantees the longest life of the head and board and a high result of printing.

We have the strongest team of engineers with high experience in maintaining all types of machines 24 hours a day and throughout the Republic, free periodic maintenance during the warranty period and continuous follow-up from the customer service team.

We provide professional pre-sales service and everything related to inspection and preparations to receive the machine.

We train the customer on how to use the machine in order to ensure that it works well, while providing all kinds of original spare parts for each machine.

All types of original inks in all colors are available to us periodically and throughout the year and work with high efficiency in terms of stability and clarity on the material because it contains the lowest percentage of solvents, impermeable odor and the lowest percentage of impurities that preserves the head for the longest possible period, and we have the best prices, the highest quality and the best payment systems .

We also provide all the materials needed for printing in various types, sizes, and weights (banner, flex, vinyl, lamination, c-thru, sublimation paper, DTF paper, powder, fabric, fomax, scotch and roll-up in all required quantities), taking into account good preservation and storage that guarantees their quality in use.

We have an exchange or refund system if any material defect is found.

We have the best team for delivery to all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt, available 24 hours.

We are always try to serve the best service.

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