• Extreme speed up to 229m2/h!
  • More precise and durable enhanced body!
  • Durable 400W AC servo system!
  • GnTek Negative pressure Recirculation system!
  • Intelligent energy-saving thermal drying system!
  • Advanced color management software!
  • Optional separate taking up system!
  • Optional mesh printing kit!


GZM3204SG / GZM3202SG

Print Head

4 Starfire 1024 / 2 Starfire 1024


C.M.Y.K  solvent/eco-solvent

Ink supply system

GnTek Negative Pressure  Recirculation System

Printing Width

Max. 3200mm

Media Type

Frontlit, Backlit, Vinyl, Banner, Film......

Feeding system

Automatic media feeding and taking up system with pneumatic shaft

Drying system

Pre, mid, post and extended heater plus intelligent IR drying system

Printing Speed

300x400dpi229m2/h         300x400dpi126m2/h

   600x400dpi177m2/h         600x400dpi97m2/h    

  300x600dpi164m2/h         300x600dpi87m2/h    

  600x600dpi125m2/h         600x600dpi65m2/h    

  300x800dpi128m2/h         300x800dpi68m2/h    

       600x800dpi97m2/h           600x800dpi51m2/h        


Data Interface

External: USB2.0; Internal: High-speed SCSI

Working Environment

Temp.23~29 C, Humidity:50%~80%


Onyx+GZ control console


50Hz/AC,220V±10% 13A(printer)+18Ax2(IR Drying system)

Installed Size




Specifications are liable to change Without prior notice. The printing speeds are measured in5 m width printing.

A wide range of applications solution!

With continuous ink recirculation and  robust repairable construction, Dimatix Starfire 1024 print head delivers unparalleled saturation and smooth gradient.


More durable and precise body!

Reinforced CNC aluminum beam, dual linear guide and enhanced printing platen assure high speed, high resolution printing and prevents deforming during transportation.


GnTek recirculation solution!

GZ negative pressure recirculation system with pressure balancing unit and pressure protection unit assures steady ink delivery and minimum maintenance.


Optimized feeding and taking up system!

Feeding system with redesigned media holder is for easier and humanized operation. Taking up system with pneumatic shaft and dancer bar enables more precise taking up.

Intelligent IR drying system!

Intelligent IR drying system with industrial power switches could synchronously treat the printing evenly and efficiently. with the springs and metal net, it is uneasy to get broken and more safe.

Optional: Separate taking up system!

Separate media taking up system with IR drier could dry the printing thoroughly during high speed printing. An additional roll saves media switching time to speed up production.

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