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ThunderJet C1601S

Print Head

One Epson DX5 print head


Piezo Variable dot (Greyscale)


C.M.Y.K Eco solvent ink (2 years outdoor durability)

Printing Width

Max. 1600mm

Media Type

Coated PP, Vinyl, Film, Banner......

Printing Speed

Draft  17.7m2/h 
Production  13.3m2/h  
High-res  9.72/h
Photo  8.2m2/h

Data Interface

External: USB2.0+; Internal: High-speed SCSI

Working Environment

Temp.23~29, Humidity:50%~80%


PhotoPRINT/Onyx...+ThunderJet control console


50Hz/AC,220V+10% 3A(printer)+10A(IR drying system)



Specifications are liable to change Without prior notice. The printing speeds are measured in 1.52 m width printing.

 Original Epson DX5 heads

  One original Epson Dx5 eco-solvent print heads reach true 1440dpi, deliver  outstanding printing speed and stunning printing quality.

GZ Greyscale Technology

GZ Greyscale Technology delivers flawless skin tone, smoother gradient ,crisp text and intricate detail without compromising speed.

Auto Capping&Wiping System

Auto Capping&Wiping System with aluminum base perfectly cleans the print head nozzle  face to achieve excellent printing quality and extend the print head life.

Bulk Ink Supply System

Up to 1.5 L of big ink tanks and ink cartridges assure more stable ink  supply and reduce maintenance costs.

Optional:Constant Tension Take-up

Constant tension take-up can wind the media up  to 20kgs. It is suitable for different kinds of media  and easy for installation and maintenance.

Optional: IR Drying System

Intelligent IR drying system works  synchronously with printing, not only  enhancing ink dryness but also saving  energy and securing printing.

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