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ThunderJet AC1902T LITE


 ThunderJetAC1902T LITE

Print Head

Two Epson |3200 A1 print heads


 Piezo Variable dot (Greyscale)


Sublimation transfer ink

Color Config.


Ink supply system

 Two groups of 1000ml ink bags + ink buffer bags

Printing Width

Max. 1900mm

Media Type

 Sublimation paper

Roll Diameter

Max. 300mm

Roll Weight

Max. 90kgs

Core Diameter

3 in (76.2mm)

Drying system

Efficient IR Dryer

Printing Speed

  Draft             360x1200 dpi           85m²/h
Production     360x1200 dpi           75.8m²/h
 High-res        360x1800 dpi           64.4m²/h
 Photo            720x1200 dpi           49.8m²/h

Data Interface


Working Environment

Temp.23~29 °C, Humidity:50%~80%


PhotoPRINT+GZ Printer Manager


Single phase,50Hz/AC,220V±10% 7A(printer)+20A(IR Dryer)

Installed Size

 3326x1121x1606 mm



Specifications are liable to change Without prior notice. The printing speeds are measured in1.9m width printing.

Genuine Epson |3200 A1 print heads

Compared with Epson DX5, Epson |3200 has almost doubled NPI, higher fire frequency, greater effective print width, which enables faster printing speed and higher printing quality.

GZ Variable Dot Technology

GZ Variable Dot Technology delivers flawless skin tone, smoother gradient, crisp text and intricate detail without compromising speed.

Anti-wrinkle and Anti-collision

serried pinch rollers and high-precision platen ensure wrinkle-free media stepping. Anti-collision unit prevents the print heads from damage during high speed printing...

Big Volume Ink Supply System

ink supply system with two groups of 1000ml ink bags enables quick setup, bubble-free printing, big volume output and easy maintenance.

Industrial Media System

Industrial media system with air shafts assures precise media winding and rewinding. Rear-position take-up system enables adequate drying time.

High-efficient IR Dryer

Powerful IR dryer can dry the ink oll before media rewinding during hi-speed printing. Synchronizing with printing saves energy and prevents accidents.

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