DTF 7602


DTF 7602

T-shirt Digital Heat Transfer Systems (DTF)

ORIC Transfer Pigment Ink

  • Two |3200 Heads
  • Four |3200 Heads

* Dual/three |3200 Print Heads Speed

  • 360x1800dpi - 4pass  - 10m²/h
  • 720x1200dpi - 6pass  -  7m²/h

*Four Print Heads Speed

  • 360x1800dpi - 4pass  - 20m²/h
  • 720x1200dpi - 6pass  -  14m²/h

Technical Specifications 

T-shirt Digital Heat Transfer Printing Machine



Print Head

 2/4 Print Heads Optional (|3200-A1)

Printing Technology

 Piezoelectric Inkjet

Acceptable Media

Width        760mm

Thickness   Maximum 39 mil(1mm)

Printing Width


Ink Cartridges

Type          Transfer Pigment Ink

Capacity     Continual Ink Supply System (220ML)

Color          CMYK+W

Application Media

Transfer film

Color Manage

ICCC Or Density Curve

Media Heating System

Powder & Color Fixing Machine



RIP Software

Main top

Power Supply



Temperatire 10°C to 38°C

Humidity  40% to 70%

Printer Dimensions(With Stand)


Packing Dimensions



 G.W: 275kg   N.W: 225kg

Shaking Power and Color Fix Machine



Media Width


Applicable Media

 Nylon.Chemical Fiber.Cotton.Leather.Swimwear.Welsuit.PVC.EVA.etc.

Powder Control

  Powder Shake Control. Powder Control. Powder Direction And Volume Control

Heating & Drying Function

 Multi-stage Heating System. Drying. Cold Air Fan Function 

 Rewind Function

 Automatic Induction Winding

 Electrical Parameters

 Rated Voltage: 220V     Rated Current: 20A

 Rated Power: 3.42KW    Power Consumption: 1KW-2.5KW

Packing Size & Weight

Standard with 2heads:1850*1310*1367mmStandard with 4heads:2900*1310*1367mm

 G.W: 300kg       N.W:200kg

Cotton T-shirt Print


THK high-precision mute rail. Stable bulk system ensures amazing printing speed.
High-quality hot-melt powder, can be used repeatedly. Efficient powder shaking device, powder shaking is clean
Flip top powder box, simple operation, convenient to add powder. Extemal power supply, intelligent rolling system.


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