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High cost-effective 5.3m solvent solution

  • Rocket speed up to 435m2/h!
  • Super wide printing width up to 5.3 meters!
  • Staggered print head configuration!
  • GnTek Negative pressure system!
  • Effective Sectional-control IR drier!
  • Advanced color management software!



Print Head

6 Starfire 1024 print heads Staggered in 3 rows(1 head 2colors)


C.M.Y.K  solvent/eco-solvent

Ink supply system

GnTek Negative Pressure System with 5l ink tanks

Printing Width

Max. 5300mm

Media Type

Frontlit, Backlit, Banner, Film......

Media delivery system

Multi-rolls media feeding system with rubber feeding roller.

Drying system

Pre, Mid and extended heater+IR dryer

Printing Speed





Data Interface

External: USB2.0; Internal: High-speed SCSI cable

Working Environment

Temp.23~29 C, Humidity:50%~80%


Onyx/PhotoPrint...+GZ control console


50Hz/AC,220V±10% 27A(printer)+380V±10%, 27A(IR Dryer)

Installed Size




Specifications are liable to change Without prior notice. The printing speeds are measured in5 m width printing.

A wide range of applications solution!

With continuous ink recirculation and  repairable construction, Dimatix Starfire 1024 print head delivers unparalleled saturation and smooth gradient.

Staggered three rows of print heads!

6 Starfire heads staggered in 3 rows for superior output up to 435m2/h.18mm thick hard anodized aluminum mounting plate assures accurate printing.


GnTek negative recirculation solution!

GZ negative pressure recirculation system with pressure balancing unit and pressure protection unit assures steady ink delivery, reduces maintenance time and protects the print heads.


High-efficiency drying system!

Pre, Mid and extended heater plus sectional IR drier effectively dry the printing for quick finish during such high speed printing.

Super robust and precise body!

Enhanced aluminum beam and up-front linear guides assure stable, accurate and durable running. Improved pinch roller offers wrinkle-free printing.

Powerful AC servo system!

750W AC servo system with Shimpo speed reducer, assuring more stable and accurate carriage movement than regular servo system with timing belt.

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