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ThunderJet GS1908T Catalog

High-speed paper-transfer printer

  • 8 x genuine Epson |3200 print heads.
  • Stable and fast transfer paper printing.
  • Production speed up to 349 sqm/h.
  • Adjustment free head mounting.
  • Available with 4 colors /8 colors (Optional).
  • Industry-level media system. Convenient PH cleaning station.
  • 5-liter large capacity ink supply system.
  • Professional color management software.



Print Head

8 x Epson |3200 A1 print heads


 Piezo Variable dot (Greyscale)


Sublimation transfer ink

Color Config.

 K.C.Y.M; K.C.Y.M + S1.S2.S3.S4(Optional)

Ink supply system

 5-Liter ink tanks + Cartridges

Printing Width

Up to 1950mm

Media Type

 Sublimation paper

Media Length

 Up to 1000m

Roll Weight

 Max. 200kgs

Core Diameter

3 in (76.2mm)

Drying system

Dual IR Dryer

Printing Speed

 Print Mode     Resolution              4 Colors

 Draft              360x1200 dpi          349m²/h
Production     360x1200 dpi          290m²/h
 High-res        720x1200 dpi          182m²/h
 Photo             720x1200 dpi          147m²/h

Data Interface

Extrnal:Gigabit Ethernet; Internal: Fiber Optical

Working Environment

Temp.23~29 °C, Humidity:50%~80%


Ergosoft...+GZ Printer Manager


Single phase,50Hz/AC,220V±10% 10A(printer)+2x19A(IR Dryer)

Installed Size

 LxWxH(mm):3830/1300x1844/3600x1278x1691(Printer); 2900x900x590(IR Dryer box)


  1050kgs/784kgs(Printer); 190kgs/110kgs(IR Dryers)

Specifications are liable to change Without prior notice. The printing speeds are measured in1.9m width printing.

8 x Genuine Epson |3200 A1 heads

8 x staggered Epson 13200 print heads deliver unparalleled productivity and high print quality. Unique designed head mounting for quick setup and calibration.

GZ Variable Dot Technology

GZ Variable Dot Technology delivers flawless skin tone, smoother gradient, crisp text and intricate detail without compromising speed.

Auto Capping&Wiping System

Well-designed Capping & Wiping Systemreduces print head maintenance time. It ensures excellent printing quality and high productivity.

Large Capacity Ink Supply System

5-Liter ink tanks for long-time high-speed printing, reducing ink replenish times. Subsequent cartridges allows you to replenish ink without stopping printing.

Heavy Duty Media System

Heavy-duty feeding system with air shafts ensures precise media winding and rewinding for up to φ500mm, 200kgs of roll paper. Rear-position design enables sufficient drying time.

Powerful dual IR Dryers

Powerful dual IR dryers works synchronously with printing, not only speed up the ink drying during high-speed printing but also saving the energy.

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