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T2513GN Catalog

Affordable Industrial Level Flatbed UV Solution

  • Dual water-cooling LED UV lamps for a wide range of substrates
  • Auto height detector for up to 100 mm thick of material
  • Anti-collision device prevents PH damage during printing
  • Precise Vacuum table with 4 selectable zones, media alignment pins and blowing function
  • Dual linear guides assure quite and stable movement
  • Up to 8xRicoh Gen5 with 4 levels greyscale printing
  • Temp, self-control sub tank system always warms ink flow
  • Gntek negative pressure system assures the excellent ink flow and stable jetting
  • Lead screws drived by dual 400w Ac motors for precise Y movement
  • 750w AC motor assures accurate and durable X movement



Print Head

3~8 Ricoh Gen5 print heads



Curing System

Dual Water cooling LED UV curing lamps


UV curable Ink

Color Configuration

         1xKCMY+1xWW                     2xKCMY+1xWW                                                1xKCMY+1xWW +1xVV            2xKCMY+2xWW                                              3xKCMY+1xWW +2xVV             3xKCMY+2xWW                                                

Ink supply system

Gntek negative pressure system and white ink stirring & circulation system

Ink Tank


Media Thickness

Max. 100mm

Media Type

 Acrylic, Aluminum sheet, Foam board, PVC board, Leather, Glass, Wood, Ceramic tile, etc

Table Size


 Printing Size

 Max. 2500x1300mm

Printing Speed

 Mode             Resolution         1xKCMY                 2xKCMY         3xKCMY

 Draft              720x900dpi        17.8m²/h               32.2m²/h        44.8m²/h 
Production     720x1200dpi       13.2m²/h              26.2m²/h         36.4m²/h
 High-res        720x900dpi        10.7m²/h               20.7m²/h         29m²/h
 Photo            720x1200dpi       8.1m²/h                15.7m²/h         22.5m²/h

Data Interface

External: USB3.0; Internal: Fiber Optical

Working Environment

Temp.20~30 °C, Humidity:35%~65%


PhotoPRINT+GZ control console


Single-phase,AC220V±10% 50/60Hz,13A(printer&UV controller)+14A(Vacuum system)

Installed Dimension


Packed/Installed Size




Specifications are liable to change Without prior notice.


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