Belt System PU printer

  • Epson |3200 Natural 600npi
  • Industrial media system
  • Anti-collision unit
  • Efficient IR Dryer



Print Head

4 ~ 8 x Epson |3200 E1 print heads


Piezo Variable dot (Greyscale)


Gongzheng PU Ink

Color Config.


Ink supply system

2L Ink tanks + cartridges

Printing Width

Up to 1800mm

Media Type


Roll Weight

Up to 200kgs

Roll Diameter

Feeder:450mm; Take-up:450mm

Core Diameter

3 in (76.2)

Drying system

One IR Dryers (WD1808E)

Printing Speed

Print mode    Resolution     WD1804E  Resolution   WD1804E


    Draft          720x1200 dpi   68m²/h    720x1200 dpi    140m²/h

Production    720x1200 dpi   53m²/h    720x1200 dpi    112m²/h

 High-res       720x1800 dpi   40m²/h   720x1200 dpi      85m²/h



Data Interface

External: Ethernal; Internal:Fiber Optical

Working Environment

Temp.23~29℃, Humidity:50%~80%


PhotoPRINT/Riin...+GZ PrintExp


WD1804E:Single phase,50Hz/AC,220V±10%16A(printer)+17A(IR Dryer)

WD1808E:Single phase,50Hz/AC,220V±10%16A(printer)+32A(IR Dryer)

Installed Size




Specifications are liable to change Without prior notice. The printing speeds are measured in1.8 m width printing.

Genuine Epson |3200 E1 heads

Genuine Epson |3200 print heads  deliver unparalleled productivity with high print quality. Unique designed head mounting for quick setup and easy maintenance.

High-precision stepping system

High precision belt system and speed reducer ensure accurate media feeding, perfectly eliminating the banding effect.

High-precision Capping Station

High-precision capping station cleans the print heads efficiently, assuring perfect output, long print head life and low maintenance cost.

Industrial level structure

Main frame with up to 8mm thickness of iron board for stable and long life of running.

Heavy-duty feeding system 

Heavy-duty feeding system with air shafts assures precise media unwinding and rewinding. It supports up to φ450mm of media roll diameter.

Anti-collision system

Anti-collision system prevents media scratches, offering all-arround protection for the print heads.

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