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ThunderJet AC1802S&AC1803S




ThunderJet AC1802S / ThunderJet AC1803S

Print Head

Two Epson |3200 E1      /    Three Epson |3200 E1 


Drop-On-Demond Piezo with Variable Dot


 Eco-solvent ink (2 years outdoor durability)

Color Config.


Ink Supply System

Bulk ink supply system with ink cartridges

Ink Tank

1000 ml

Printing Width

Max. 1800mm

Media Type

Coated PP, Vinyl, PVC Film, Banner......

Roll Diameter

Max. 300mm

Roll Weight

Max. 50kgs

Core Diameter

3 in (76.2mm)or 2 in (50.8mm)

Printing Speed

      mode          Resolution                AC1802S              AC1803S
   Draft         360x1200 dpi            60m²/h                 78m²/h
Production   360x1800 dpi             43m²/h                  62m²/h
   High-res   720x1200 dpi             30m²/h                 45m²/h
   Photo       720x1800 dpi             21m²/h              

Data Interface


Working Environment

Temp.23~29, Humidity:50%~80%


PhotoPRINT/Onyx(Optional)...+GZ Printer Manager


Single phase, 50Hz/AC,220V±10% 6.7A(printer)+8.18A(IR dryer)

Installed/Package Size




Specifications are liable to change Without prior notice. The printing speeds are measured in 1.8 m width printing.

 Genuine Epson |3200 E1 print heads

Compared with Epson DX5, Epson |3200 has almost doubled NPI, higher fire frequency, greater effective print width & smaller installation space, which enables faster printing speed and more heads on same size of carriage.

GZ  Variable Dot Technology

GZ Variable Dot Technology delivers flawless skin tone, smoother gradient, crisp text and intricate detail without compromising speed.

Anti-collision unit

Anti-collisiong unit prevents the print heads from damage when the carriage is scratched by the media wrinkle or foreign objects.

AR Taking up System

Unique AR taking up system assures accurate and stable rewinding for a wide range of media, especially the heavy media such as banner,

Precise & adjustable stepping system

Seprried pinch rollers, one-piece grit roller and pressure adjuster assure accurate and wrinkle-free media stepping for different thicknesses of materials.

Smart and efficient IR Dryer 

Intelligent IR dryer works  synchronously with printing, not only  enhancing ink dryness but also saving  energy and securing printing.

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